Solving Recruitment and Retention Challenges for Research Teams

CliniContact is a tech-enabled platform that expedites participant recruitment through site selection, network enablement, digital engagement, and remote data collection.

Experienced Team

Our founding team has deep roots in the market as well as in the broader healthcare ecosystem.


Our partners are leading the creation of tools and processes to better enable clinical research sites, organizations, and sponsors.

Commitment to Quality

We deliver thoughtful, high-quality experiences to our partners and patients every step of the way.

80% of clinical studies fail to finish on time, and 20% of those are delayed for six months or more due to patient recruiting issues.

Finding clinical trials is arduous and inefficient for patients. For researchers, the process of finding participants is just as painful.

Researchers often bear the burden of these recruitment challenges from a cost and time perspective, both of which are far too high.

The Problems We’re Solving

Tech-Enabled Participant Recruiting

CliniContact is creating a platform that utilizes technology to specifically target, evaluate, and direct patients to participate in clinical trials. We have significantly improved the previously complicated, expensive, and lengthy process of recruiting suitable volunteers for clinical trials.

With a rapid 3-day startup timeline, CliniContact provides project management driven by metrics, real-time reporting transparency, and personalized site & patient engagement.

Site Selection

Let us help you identify a varied group of researchers and locations with access to the appropriate patient demographic for a successful clinical trial, guided by previous outcomes and future predictors. Participate in this network to attract more studies to your site.

Community KOL Identification and Engagement

For medical affairs teams, effectively reaching all key opinion leaders (KOLs) and thought leader groups is essential. Our team can help increase connectivity by driving communication outreach to these groups. We do this by holistically exploring and organizing these individuals by category such as by specialty, therapeutic area, and geographical region, and by expanding reach further through community member, health and beauty practitioner, and social worker groups. Our comprehensive approach ensures that our client’s message is effectively delivered to a diverse range of essential stakeholders.

Culturally Sensitive


Hyper-Targeted Recruiting

Pre-Qualified Patients


CliniContact’s team has experience engaging historically low-trust participant populations. As such, we help patients of all backgrounds gain access to groundbreaking clinical research, and we help researchers ensure their trials accurately reflect the diverse population of the United States.

CliniContact's high tech approach utilizes online activity and location information to identify and engage qualified participants for your study. This is achieved through various channels including online search and social media.

We also identify and engage key community advocates and key opinion leaders via social network analysis in order to further reach and engage with specific populations.

Through our screening technology and based on I/E criteria, we ensure that the patient leads you’re receiving are legitimate and 


Some of Our Partners

Our Values

Quality Research

We are passionate about supporting quality research and thoroughly vet the researchers whom we partner with.

People First

We lead from the heart and put people first in all things that we do. We work hard to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible experiences and care.

Tech Forward

We are dedicated to the advancement of clinical trials and medicine. We provide cutting-edge research trials to our willing patient participants.

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